Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fly Little Butterfly, Fly away ...

They hatched and we had 4 beautiful butterflies! It was so eat to watch them fly away.
One went right on a flower and sat there and let Dorian at it! Then he flew off into the sky.
After we watched them all leave "home" we found this beautiful butterfly, he must have got hurt by a bird or something. His little wing was injured on one side. We put him in a bush to hopefully get better.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Michelle said...

How fun!
Thanks for giving us your blog address (on Car-seat.org.)

We did these same butterflies awhile back. Ours laid eggs and we had hundreds of babies (I have photos on my blog if you search the archives) - but they all escaped. :-o

Your blog is wonderful, and it looks like you have a very fun homeschool!

Michelle (Michi)