Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Earth Day

We went to the local farm store and Dorian got to pick out a tree to plant to celebrate Earth Day.
He picked out a dwarf apple tree. We ran out between the rain and planted it.

See the rain clouds!

Measuring the tree.. for years to come.

Children's Museum

We went out to the Children's Museum on the 20th and had some fun.
They have "The Garage" there which is a room with a ton of recycled stuff, and then they have a theme each day. We went on a day when they were making bugs. Dorian made the one below all on his own.

We did some clay time....

Dorian made pizza..
And Ash made a computer monitor and keyboard with a mouse! Can you say GEEK!?
Just after this photo he made the tower to go next to it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Love....

Monday is baking day

A few weeks ago we made a calendar so 4 days out of the week we have a "theme".
It works out really nice!

Mon- Baking day
Tue- Library day
Wed- Science experiment
Thur- New animal day (learn about 1 new animal.)

Here are some photos of last Monday when we made a pumpkin pie, it is Dorian's favorite thing to bake as he loves pumpkin pie... and I means he loves it. He can eat the whole pie in 1 day all on his own. He must get this from Ash.

Easter activities

Here are some things we did during easter:

Decorated the window. We cut out eggs and colored or cut out shapes to put on them.

Cut out this flower and colored it.

This is a penguin.
Cut out these eggs and colored the page.

He painted these.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Dorian has started to really love reading, looking and talking about birds. So, we picked up some books from the library and a window bird feeder and now we are patiently (is that word in a 5 year olds vocabulary?) waiting for some birds to come eat some black sunflower seeds.
He sits at the front window with his book looking out for a new bird.

We made this sun catcher a few days ago melting crayons between wax paper.