Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Holidays

We have been so busy with all the holiday stuff we have not done school in about a week and a half. I guess that is our Christmas holidays from school! We still have been doing loads of fun stuff and Dorian is getting very good at tracing letters and today he wrote L all by himself.
We have been baking cookies
which Dorian loves to make and also eat!
Here is a little snowman bracelet he made. We will be back to school Jan 3rd 2007, as thats when public school goes back and we wont have a bunch of extra kids over.

We have been looking at Connections Academy for Kindergarden for Dorian. It is a virtual public charter school. That means that he does school at home, but
we get all the curriculum through the public school and we get to talk to a public school teacher when we have questions. We think this will work out perfectly as we use Calvert curriculum now and the public school system uses Calvert for Connections Academy. Dorian seems to thrive on Calvert so far. There is also planned trips with the other students in ORCA that are in the local area. We like the freedom to take him on many field trips and not be locked in a class room for 8 hours.
We dont know if we will start him in Sep 2007 or Sept 2008.
If we dont think he is ready for Kinder we will keep doing PreK until Sept 2008.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Dorian loves sorting things and making patterns. He put all the shapes together this time he also likes sorting them by colors. And then we went outside to look for "winter" things and Dorian tried to catch a big fish. Dorians grandpa came up from California and fixed Ashs guitar and Dorian made up a new song.

(Dorian strumming)

Sooooo farr awaaaaayyyyyy, sooo farr awaaayy, sooo farrr awayyyy.......

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We walked around the yard for things that are Autumn.

1- Dorian found a leaf he liked
2- Leaf eater
3- Sweet boy
4- Shutterbug

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Gooble, gobble, gobble!

We had craft day at Dorians friends house at the end of Nov. The kids made turkeys with there handprints. They came out really cute. Also, a pic of Dorians flower he planted at a free planting day at a local nursery.
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Monkeying around at the zoo!

Here are some pics in Nov of Dorian and Ash at the zoo! Ash got Dorian these lil snack cups with cookies and crackers and Dorian loved to carry them around.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Long time since we updated!

Here is Dorian lacing some shapes, cutting some apples out for his project and then one at the zoo.

For the month of Nov we worked mostly on the following:

* Worked on left & right hand
* Talked about Autumn
* Talked about Thanksgiving
* Lots of stories and poems

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