Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shark boy

Today we had some nice weather. Dorian was up until 3am (he napped 1.5 hours in the arvo) so slept until 10am! haha..ummm is that funny?! Ash took him to the park to play and then when they got home we got to play in the pool again! Dorian was excited to play in it and we had alot of fun.

Note to self: Never let him nap!

Sometimes I wonder...

Here Dorian is lining up all toys on aluminum foil.. yes, aluminum foil.
This was a huge ordeal, lining them up and then wanting to tape the sides so he could carry the entire thing around (it was too big and the tape kept riping off the aluminum foil.) So it led to him having a melt down over not being able to do what was set in his mind. But, I thought it was something I wanted to keep in the memory bank.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

One of Dorians favorite things to do..

He loves to line up things. Here are some photos of what he has done recently.
One of hand towels, he had to line them up before folding them and then some shells and rocks we got at the beach he lined up around the table. He has to have everything just perfect.