Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here we all are together at one of our hot spots we like to go to.
We call it the "farm" but its a local produce stand with a cute lil farm with a few animals.
Dorian LOVEs going and feeding the animals.


Here are some photos of OMSI. Ash and Dorian went there and had a great time.
Dorians favorite thing there is to put his hands in the gloves and play in the swampy thing (its a big tank with gloves built into the sides....there is water down the bottom with plastic creatures u have to find in the water with your hands) and also he loves the dome where you can see all the fish. He also loves doing the balls there, you can build things and then you turn on the air and it shoots them out.

Things that make sound.

Here is a work sheet Dorian did. He had to draw a line under things that make a "sound".
He also colored a few things he liked.

I need to load up the photos from OMSI and the Zoo, that will come soon.