Friday, January 26, 2007

Love Tree

Yesterday we made a "Love Tree"!
We decorated Dorians mini tree from christmas.
We cut out hearts, glued and put glitter on them.
Then I asked Dorian who he loved and I wrote the names on the hearts.
He said "I love Mum,
Daddy, Wyatt, my cousins Shelby, Meagan, Zoe, Taya and baby Josh!" I asked him who else he loved, he thought about it and I asked what about all your grandmas and grandpas? and he said "yep I love all my grandmas and grandpas." We talked about family and where all our family lives.

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Future engineer?

Here is Dorian with his macano set that his Grandpa in Australia sent him for christmas. He really likes building things with it.
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Dorian wrote more letters!

He did this all on his own last week!
We are so proud of him. We have not done a bunch of tracing, so we are super excited.
When we work on the alphabet puzzle now he says "I already know all that!".
He is very much a 4 year old.
He loves reading now and his favorite books are by Todd Parr and also Where The Sidewalk Ends. Posted by Picasa

School Room Photos!

Here are a few photos of our school/play room! As you can see its pretty clean. Dorian has been doing chores and does an excellent job cleaning all his toys up.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Helping Hands

Here is Dorians "helping hands" chart.
His chores are cleaning up toys and helping vaccum.
He started chores yesterday and is really excited about them.
He wants to go to playland after 5 smiles.
He got a smile face yesterday!

Also, a photo of Dorian tracing his name.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


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More work by Dorian in December

Here is a few more pieces of work by Dorian.
1- transformer
2- Monster
3- He loves doing home work. He will do pages of this.
4- We have started working on tracing letters. He is finally interested in doing them.

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Christmas Art

Here are a few things Dorian did in the month of December.
As you can see he used the snow mans scarfs for hands!
One thing he also likes to do now is use alot of different colors on one object.

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