Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birds, dogs and writing.. Oh, my!

Dorian has been interested in watching and talking about the birds outside. We like to watch them out our window. This is the Blue Jay we have out our window that eats the cats food.
Dorian writes them letters on the post cards he got for xmas and puts them in trees for the birds to take to there homes. The other things are butterflies and bees.

This is Wyatt our dog on a skateboard with Dad's hat on.
And here is some more of his writing. He got a see and spell for xmas that he copies all the words off of.

Trip to OMSI

We went to OMSI on Friday with Kaitlyn the little girl we watch.
We had a great time!

Dorian made a beautiful macaroni collage. He spent about 30 mins gluing and placing the macaroni just the way he wanted them.
They played in the water area...

This is the face we get when we take photos. Its hard to get Dorian to look at the camera. So what we do is like a sneak attack. I get the camera out and I then tell Ash to say "Hey Dori!",
And then he looks and I quickly snap the photo!
Inside the nature tent exploring..