Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to school

No back to school for us since we do year round school with Dorian.
Public school here in the US is starting back which will be nice for going to the Zoo, Omsi and the Children's Museum as they will be less crowded. Still quite a bit of kids from public schools go there on field trips and also homeschoolers. Autumn is around the corner so nature walks will be lovely.

We decided against a boxed curriculum for 1st grade. Now that we know his learning style it is much easier and fun to pick out things that suit him.
As most of you know Dorian has sensory processing disorder and we also think high functioning Asperger's. We are so lucky we can homeschool as Dorian does best in a small, consistent environment without a lot of change, distraction, noise and chaos.
We love to learn through daily life, but we also add in curriculum. We like to keep it fun. We want him to love learning. Right now we use:

K12 1st grade math

Headsprout Reading
Hand writing without tears
Rand McNally Geography
Kumon Telling time

We are also look at signing him up for some classes at a charter school for science as we thought it would be fun. The library is a huge resource of ours and of course field trips and just learning through daily life.
Right now math is his favorite subject, so that means he must be taking after Ash!

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