Monday, November 13, 2006


Our discussion the past week has been about Autumn.
Here is a sample of the conversation we have with Dorian!

Mum or Dad: What season are we in?
Dorian: Autumn!
Mum or Dad:What happens in Autumn?
Dorian: Its cold.... its dark outside and ummmmm, the leaves fall off the trees and then the birds fly away to warm places.

It has been raining almost non-stop the last two weeks. So, we have had to do alot of indoor activities. Last Wed we went to his friends new house and we made really cute "leaf" necklaces with beads. The kids all did a really great job! I will post pictures of that soon.

We also have been baking alot. Ash found an unreal deal on cake mix at a local grocery store and it was $10 boxes of cake mix FREE! So, we have had fun making those with a new stand mixer we got. Dorian loves baking. His favorite part is cracking the eggs then he loooves to eat the batter!

We have a busy week planned!
Mon-Ash is taking Dorian to the pet store and also to the movie store to pick out a movie.
Tue- Ash is taking Dorian to the zoo!
Wed- Craft play date with his friends Avery & Charlize! They are going to make hand turkeys!

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